Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jack Flak (the book) Chapter 17: The Visit

They waited.  Jack and Big John stood silently, starring at the front door.  "Ring it again Jack - I saw the curtain move - they're in there."  Jack pushed the buzzer two more times, then knocked lightly on the wooden door.  Maggie and Jean looked at each other in fear.  From behind them, Rob walked in and said "go ahead - just open it."
Jack fired off  - "Hey!  It's me, Jack.  Sorry to intrude so unexpectantly guys.  How are you doing?  This is my buddy Big John.  Can we come in?"
Jack Flak - the book - is being completed offline.  If all goes well, the book will be DONE by December 2010 (Jack's looking for a place to write).  Stay tuned for more of "Jack Flak"!