Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Jack waited for his ham and cheese sandwich - sipping on his vodka tonic.  He could see the storm festering out the massive windows at CLE (Cleveland Int'l Airport).  There it was - lightning.  "SOB!"  Jack rarely swore out loud, but he muttered that one just loud enough for the couple next to him to hear it.  "It stinks doesn't it?" said the guy at the next table, laughing.  "Ya, it does".  Jack thought: "what's he laughing at - - jack ass".  He was in a particularly foul mood tonight.  He pulled his glasses from his briefcase and fixed them on his head to read the American Airlines board down the hall at gate A3:  "DFW flight #2208 - Delayed to 7:30".  "son of a .....!!"
Jack knew that 7:30 meant at least 8:30, which meant it could be 9:30 or later, and that meant he wouldn't pull into his driveway in Texas till after 1:00am again, maybe later.  He couldn't catch a break out of Cleveland - "the mistake by the lake", "they got that right", he mused to himself. 
He pulled his expense envelope out and starting filling in the blanks, using his receipts from his wallet, he documented most of his expenses for the week and tucked the receipts into the manila folder for scanning later.
Trouble followed Jack these days.  Nine months ago he left a good job, trading it for what he hoped was a great job - but it wasn't.  He worked with some difficult people, under a management style he detested, for lower pay and benefits.  He travelled every week to places like Cleveland - not exactly the prime choice cities in America.  Slowly, he was getting bitter and disgruntled, and generally saddened.  His only salvation was Jane - waiting for him at home each week - to consul him and tell him 'it will be ok - hang in there Jack - you can do it'. 
Jack wasn't usually a defeatist, but he was beat-down this week, and the delayed flight wasn't helping his psyche any.  He knew inside he had everything to live for - he wasn't a fool - just tired and angry tonight, at life.
He sat there trying to lift his own spirits.  "I need to pull up - I'm not tapping-out on this just yet".
Jack opened his laptop and went to Google.  He typed in "Screwtape".  He read the quote on the screen:  "the humans, they live in time, but our Enemy destines them for eternity" - Screwtape to Wormwood.  
"Thank you Lord" Jack whispered, "you are the I Am".