Wednesday, February 18, 2015

West Wall

Jack folded his scribbled note, written on the scrap paper he had found on the ground on his walk to the Wall.  He had planned on this for months:  'take a carefully worded, thought out, neatly written prayer, on a nice piece of parchment paper - and gently place it in a nice crack - all by itself - in the Western Wall of Jerusalem'.
"My prayer is a joke", Jack thought.  "I can't even fit it in here with the others, it's falling out already.  This whole thing is s train wreck!" 
The strict Jewish men around him rocked back and forth, back and forth, facing the wall, praying softly and then reading from their Bibles - from the Law.  Jack thought it was both silly, and poetic.  He admired the determination and dedication of these men in black - but couldn't understand the process or the purpose.  He liked the idea that they were focused - focused on God - who could be critical of that?
The wind blew and Jack watched his folded prayer blow to the ground.  He picked it up and pushed it into a different crack in the wall - tightly - jamming it in with force and anger. 
A minute passed, the sun felt warm.  Jack closed his eyes, lifted his face to the sun.
It fell again.   A light breeze passed and Jack could hear a voice saying - "leave it Jack - I've seen it - I read it - I answered it, and you're good to go!"      
"Thanks Lord - for keeping it real - you're awesome, as usual."   Jack hurried back to the waiting bus.   

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